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Build your team, plan for the tasks, manage the team efficiently using the best flexible workforce management platform.
No training needs. No special skills.

Be in touch with your agents everywhere

With real time tracking and sync over mobile and web, be connected with your agents anytime, anywhere.

Get notified for new tasks

Agents get immediate notification for any new tasks created and available, along with the contact details and location. Agents can either start/cancel the task.

Admin gets instant notifications as agents start the tasks.

Plan delivery

As soon as the task notifications are received
by the agents, they can either start or cancel the task.

Customer signature

Once the delivery is completed successfully, the delivery agent needs to collect the signature of the customer, as a proof of delivery.

Proof of delivery

As a proof of successful delivery, the agents may collect images or signature, as checked in and set by the admin, as a proof of delivery.

Call / SMS to customers

Delivery notification is send to the customers via call/sms as a way of rolling out delivery information, before the delivery is done.

Smart route

The feature of route optimization helps in offering smart and optimized directions to the agents and delivery boys, helping in faster and efficient delivery.

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